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Multimedia Forensics Solutions

Kinesense LE

Kinesense LE helps you deploy video investigation capability flexibly across your organization, so personnel have functionality when they need it. Non-technical staff can collect, process, search, review, tag and report on their findings by simplifying video processing with automatic search technology and template based workflows.
Kinesense LE

Kinesense Advanced Analytics

Face detection, matching and recognition is just one of the analytic modules that can be added on to the Kinesense Video Investigation Solution. Automatically find and extract faces in video to save time reviewing footage. Identify a suspect by finding matches against the watch list database.
Kinesense Advanced Analytics

hancom md-video

MD-VIDEO is a digital forensic software for video playback, recovering and analyzing video data directly from the media storage like a CCTV, car black box, smartphone, disk or media storage, memory card and damaged video file.

Phonexia Speech Platform

Powered by cutting-edge deep neural networks, Phonexia Speech Platform for Government packs a wide range of extremely accurate voice biometrics and speech recognition technologies. Offered as highly scalable, on-premise software, it meets the strictest data security requirements and integrates into custom solutions seamlessly using RESTful APIs.
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Phonexia Voice Inspector

Phonexia Voice Inspector is an out-of-the-box solution that provides police forces and forensic experts with a highly accurate speaker recognition tool to support effective criminal investigations and give evidence in court. It is based on the state-of-the-art Phonexia Voice Biometrics technology powered by artificial intelligence, allowing exceptional accuracy.

Phonexia Orbis

Powered by Phonexia’s cutting-edge voice biometrics and speech recognition, Phonexia Orbis is a revolutionary out-of-the-box solution for the rapid investigation of audio recordings. Its intuitive interface and unique features empower investigators with fast, bespoke audio analyses, instant network visualizations, case-specific notes, and efficient reporting.