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Computer Forensics Solutions

OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic

OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic is a court-proven solution for finding, decrypting, collecting and preserving forensic data from a wide variety of devices, while ensuring evidence integrity and seamlessly integrating investigation workflows.

OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator

OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator allows organizations to search across multiple systems to locate the information relevant to their case. With EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator, it is easy to preview and collect data over a network, even on employee or contractor systems.

NUIX Workstation

Nuix Workstation’s efficient and scalable processing turns more than 1,000 file formats and source types into meaningful information, capturing the content, metadata and context of each item. Nuix Workstation is used for litigation, forensic investigations, information governance, government oversight, mergers and divestitures, compliance, data and email migrations, and regulatory enforcement and response.
NUIX Workstation

NUIX Investigate®

Nuix Investigate quickly extracts, correlates and contextualizes thousands of data types, across people, objects, locations and events, enabling teams of investigators to make faster and more accurate decisions collaboratively – wherever they are. This solution handles the burden of data filtering and sorting, so you can focus on to what you do best: solving cases.
NUIX Investigate

NUIX Enterprise Collection Center

Nuix Enterprise Collection Center lets you collect disk images or selected data from laptops, desktops, servers, enterprise file shares or Microsoft SharePoint sites and make it available to legal, investigation, security or compliance teams for further investigation. It includes a scalable, fault-tolerant process that helps you manage data collections from any number of connected and remote devices; preview data to include or exclude data as needed; and automate repetitive tasks using alerts, reports and logs.
NUIX Enterprise Collection Center

Magnet AXIOM Cyber

AXIOM Cyber is a robust digital forensics and incident response solution for businesses that need to perform remote acquisitions and collect & analyze evidence from computers, the cloud, and mobile devices.

Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector

Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector helps you to securely remote collect and analyze iOS, Mac and Windows endpoint data over your organization’s network, to give you the insights you need. This tool helps you to authenticate users and their requests securely, review the files live on the remote computer or mobile devices, collect logical files of interest, and perform full analysis of collected files.
cellebrite endpoint inspector

Cellebrite Digital Collector

Cellebrite Digital Collector is a powerful forensic imaging software solution to perform triage, live data acquisition and targeted data collection. As the only forensic solution on the market today that does live and dead box imaging for Windows and Mac, Digital Collector is a must-have tool in the digital forensic toolbox. Cellebrite Digital Collector runs on both, Windows and Mac, and safely boots and acquires data from hundreds of different Mac computer models in their native environment – even Fusion drives and T2 chip systems.

Cellebrite Kiosk

Cellebrite Kiosk empowers investigators to securely extract data from the widest range of devices at specific locations or on the go. As a key component of Cellebrite’s investigative solutions, allows users to perform selective or full physical data extraction saving time and increasing community trust.
Cellebrite Kiosk

Belkasoft Evidence Center X

Belkasoft Evidence Center X is an easy to use, comprehensive investigation tool as it has a user-friendly interface that can help you acquire, examine, analyze, and present digital evidence from sources such as computers, mobile devices, RAM and cloud services, in a forensically sound manner. It has the ability to automate search tasks, and thus the product can run unattended, you can multitask and complete an investigation at a quick pace, so, it can also save your time and efforts.

GetData FEX Triage™

FEX Triage is a portable computer forensics field-analysis tool. It enables investigators to make real-time decisions about seizure, forensic acquisition, and dealing with suspects. It has been designed for use by investigators with limited computer forensics training (basic mode) , as well as experience forensic examiners for field or lab use (advanced mode). It can run on a live machine or by utilizing a forensic boot USB. It uses customize-able search profiles that can reduce any complex task to a single click.
GetData FEX Triage

Vound W4

W4 lets investigators review digital evidence rapidly, locate items of interest quickly, and report their findings easily. W4 also gives investigators the ability to create AFF4 images, index live machines, and search data during indexing. This powerful tool enables triage in the field prior to taking data back to the lab for more detailed processing.
Vound W4