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Password Recovery Solutions

mh Service OctaGraph

OctaGraph from mh Service offers high-end password recovery with up to 96 Teraflops und 39936 Cuda Cores. The OctaGraph can assist to recover passwords when used with proper software. A 4U server case includes up to 10 high performance graphic cards, for a 24/7 operation. Passwords have never been recovered faster than with this Graphic Board Cluster. Thanks to the simultaneous use of the 10 Graphics Processing Units (GPU) an increase in performance of up to a 100% is possible. The OctaGraph is a Dual Xeon Server for specially developed for password acceleration. It is possible to combine several OctaGraphs together: Every additional graphic card/server doubles the number of calculated passwords per second.

PassWare Kit Forensic

Passware Kit Forensic discovers all password-protected items on a computer and decrypts them. The software recognizes 300+ file types and works in batch mode to recover their passwords. Many types of files are decrypted instantly, while other passwords are recovered through Dictionary and Brute-force methods using GPU acceleration and distributed computing (for Windows, Linux, and Amazon EC2). Available for Windows & Mac.
passware kit forensic

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle packs top-of-the-line editions every forensic tool we make in a single, deeply discounted kit. Extract data from mobile devices, unlock documents, decrypt archives, break into encrypted containers, view and analyze evidence.
Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle

mh Service Spider Web

Spider Web from mh Service is a high-end mobile forensics solution with high speed simultaneous brute-force PIN code decryption, extraction and analysis of smartphones, tablets and GPS devices, combined with an integrated space-saving smartphone charging station for up to 35 smartphones. All you need to do is plug in the phones or tablets and click start!
mh service spider_web