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Digital Forensic Servers

mh Service Forensic Server

The advantages of an AntAnalyzer ® combined with even more power! To use all of the advantages of investigation software, it is necessary to have high-end hardware at your disposal. It maximises the processing speed and has a rapid data transfer rate to and from the storage. But often there is no dedicated server room to assure powerful operation. This is why we have developed our Forensic Server. It offers the full power of a server, yet is optimised for use in the office, thanks to small dimensions and low volume. An optional water cooling system is available to assure even quieter operation. Next to the default versions, as always, we can provide customisation to your own individual needs. Using the unique integrated IceTray cooling fan beneath the Tableau T356789iu forensic bridge, the source drives will be actively air-cooled and passively supported by aluminium cooling fins. This ensures the reading of the suspect drives at maximum speed without reaching damaging temperature ranges.