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Data Wiping Solutions

Media Clone SuperImager Plus

Forensic Imager and a complete Forensic investigation Field unit, running dual boot of Linux for data capture and Windows 10 for full forensic investigation, includes cellphone capture and analysis. The unit is a Portable, compact, easy to carry, and an extremely fast hardware unit.
Super Imager

Media Clone SuperWiper

SuperWiper 8” T3 4 SAS/SATA and USB3.0/3.1 ports is an extremely fast, efficient, and secure PORTABLE SAS/SATA and USB3.0/USB3.1 eraser unit. It is built with the latest hardware technology to achieve the most efficient drive erases, performing at a very high speed, with the ability to erase multiple drives at the same time. The unit supports many erase protocols and different digital storage devices such as SSD, HDD, and USB storage devices. The unit is designed to enable the user to erase 12 storage devices at the same time.

Tableau Forensic Duplicator TD2u

The Tableau Forensic Duplicator was built to excel in both field and lab environments. It is a full-featured, fully-forensic duplicator that offers the ideal combination of easy operation, reliability, and ultra-fast forensic imaging of hard disks and solid-state-drives.
Tableau Forensic Duplicator TD2u

Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager

The Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager functions as a portable alternative to carrying a forensic workstation into the field. It is a network-enabled, fully-forensic imager that offers superior local and network imaging performance with no compromises.
Tableau tx1