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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide top class cybersecurity and digital forensic solutions to our clients with strength, energy, and boldness. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of cybersecurity & digital forensic solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a top cybersecurity & digital forensic solutions provider worldwide. We seek to encourage and implement cutting-edge cybersecurity & digital forensic solutions to our clients.

Our Values

To be open, honest and fair... whatever we do, we do it right, and we do it together

Our Approach

The methodology which we use contains all the essential modules which are required to do the top practices in Computer Forensic and Digital Investigations in subsequent areas, digital forensic software, and hardware, industry knowledge, procedure, and techniques, alongside system support from some of the top computer forensic experts in the world

Our Approach

The 5-D Process and Procedure


Stating the solution is included in the Design phase. Appropriate solution scenarios, documented with a Functional Design to cover the way it operates and a Technical design to detail how that will be implemented are defined by a Blueprint. If there is any need for external resources, then that could be translated into a request for proposals to go to third-party providers.


The systems which were specified earlier are built in this execution phase. As a part of this, Trustlink identifies which of its exclusive technologies will be included in the solution and what other interfacing or interconnecting technology it will develop. If there is a need to incorporate any third-party subsystems, then TRUST LINK's consultants will recognize suitable suppliers and assess products.


The systems which were developed are implemented to real-world tasks, with full testing for functionality, connectivity, resilience and overall quality. In this phase there may be a requirement for integrating third-party subsystems, a procedure that Trustlink can ensure is executed flawlessly


Rollout comprises authorizing, justification and assuring it is according to the contract specifications. A support package Is also part of this stage in which complete documentation is included and more importantly Trustlink makes sure that your staff are completely trained to use the system. Trustlink believes in building long term relationships with their clients, for this purpose Trustlink provides after-sales services which include ongoing support and also continuing technical and professional development as necessary